Thank you Bob, 5 Years of Excellence in Direct Care Service

Robert ‘Bob’ Went first joined Inspire’s team of Direct Support Professionals on June 30th of 2008. Today we are proud to recognize Bob as we celebrate his 5th year anniversary.


“Bob is a consummate professional in the field of human services. He has compassion and a talent for relating with people from all walks of life. We are honored to know and to work with Bob and look forward to another 5 years,” Sara Wilson, Executive Director.

Thank you Bob for all that you do for us

“Five years ago we first met Bob as a potential caregiver to work with our Son. Little did we know that Bob would become much more than a caregiver. Bob has been a mentor to our son bringing out the best in him. Bob is part of our family and will always will be incredibly important to us all.”

Bob, “thank you for sharing your talent and compassion with us,” Inspire Board of Directors


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2 Responses to Thank you Bob, 5 Years of Excellence in Direct Care Service

  1. Ted Garland says:

    I would like to nominate Jennifer Wood for an award next. Thanks Inspire for giving me such a wonderful staff. I couldn’t be better. Jennifer is deserving of some reward recognition as well as Erin Kolman. Why isn’t her picture on the blog? we need to give Jennifer some recognition. Thanks, Ted Garland, Inspire Member in Flagstaff. I also nominate Mitch Karr too. Thes epeople go above and beyond. Inspire’s job description Thanks.

    • Erin Klomann says:

      Thank you Ted! Members like yourself, make being a program coordinator, enjoyable and rewarding! Thank you for being you Ted! I will be sure to give Jennifer and Mitch a special recognition! We love positive feedback!!

      Special thanks to Bob for his long-term commitment to Inspire and members!

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